Who We Are


Artisan MNL. PH. Co. is a company composed group of artists, crafters and games enthusiasts who wish to provide selected (curated) Arts, Crafts, Hobby and Games products/supplies with quality and affordability in mind.

We are a duly registered company under the SEC, complete with Business License and BIR registration compliant with all government mandated requirements


We are Creative Artistic Resource Enablers!

We are a duly registered business, operating in the south of Luzon (Philippines) and we cater to all customers worldwide through this website.

We CARE by providing locally designed and/or made products under the Artisan MNL line of items from Calligraphy Nib Holders (Oblique and Straight holders), Tool Organizers, Artist Papers, Brushes which promote local craftsmanship.

We also aim to provide additional jobs and incomes for local artisans, communities and individuals who wish to grow their own income without the need to work too far away from home. It will be our lifelong commitment to realize these goals and share them with as many individuals as possible. 

Some of our activities include:

1. Working with international brands to bring you a good selection of materials to help you with your regular arts and crafts needs.

2. Fostering sharing through mentoring via our Workshops and Special Events.

3. Providing continuous learning via our upcoming newsletters, partnering with some of the best and brightest artists locally.

4. Artist Portfolio Management - Launching in 2017, we will set up, build, improve and professionalize newly discovered and seasoned artist portfolios, enabling more exposure for their work and bridging partnerships for them by widening their network range via events, commissioned works, exhibits and various projects.


We aim to promote and support positivity through arts and crafts by providing our local products and talents a platform that bridges them nationwide and globally.

We are open to partnering with retail stores to promote our locally made products as well as provide access to globally sourced tools.

Artisans are also welcome to contact us if you have a product you want us to sell or a project you need help with. 

For queries or suggestions, tie-ups, business matters and other concerns, please feel free to email us at hellothere@artisanmnl.com