Tokyo Finds Waterbrush Pen Set (Tubes)

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Explore the wonderful world of watercolor in a unique and innovative way with the Tokyo Finds Waterbrush Pen.These water-filled pens can be combined with watercolors or ink, allowing you to create calligraphy, add shading to adult coloring book pages, or create beautiful original works of art.

Simply fill the translucent barrel with water and add or apply your favorite color medium.Create fine lines or wide brush strokes with ease by simply applying or releasing finger pressure on the barrel of the pen to precisely adjust the flow of water.

The Tokyo Finds Waterbrush Penis something that every artist, aspiring or accomplished, should have in their toolbox. They are easy to use by adults or children and make a wonderful gift for anyone who is artistically inclined, especially fans of adult coloring books. We are so sure that you will love this.