Leonardt Principal EF

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This is one of the most favored nibs for Spencerian and Copperplate writing and the intermediate counterpart of Hunt 22 and the modern version of the beloved Gillot 101 Principality (vintage nib).

Average User Review:

With really good reviews because of it's responsiveness and superb flexibility. It catches the paper less unlike Hunt 22 (and other similar nibs). If you're a beginner wanting to try the best nib for traditional styles, you need one of these in your arsenal. It's also difficult to secure stocks of this nib so get one before it's gone.

Nib Fit for Holders:

This nib fits fixed flanges that may have to be adjusted because it tends to be a little thinner than that of g-nibs. It fits a bullock flange quite fine and is the same length as a g-nib.

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