How to Order


Follow this guide with easy steps!
(pages shown are from the desktop version. Mobile version might have a different layout, but functionalities are the same)


1. Select a section from our menu:



2. Select a category from the menu:



3. Select a product that you wish to purchase by clicking/pressing on the image of the product:



4. You may select quick view to see the item description and price, or choose add to cart if you want to purchase it immediately:



5. When you select the "Quick View", you can check out the item description and other images. You can also select how many you wish to purchase:



6. Once you are done choosing items to purchase, select "Proceed to Checkout" to proceed with the payment section. If you still wish to continue shopping, choose "Continue Shopping":



7. If you are still continuing shopping, your items will be in cart until you are ready to checkout:



8. When you are ready to checkout, just click on the cart to view the contents and be able to checkout:



9. Once you checkout, you will be brought to the payments page. You can checkout as a guest, but we recommend that you sign up for an account for future purchases (and less hassle when inputting details for future transactions):




10. Once you register an account, you will then need to choose a shipping address (the one you provided during the account sign-up), or you can nominate a new shipping address if you move to another address:



11. Scroll down to check your shipping method. Your location will be automatically determined based on the zip code you entered in your shipping address, and will be part of your total payment:



12. Choose your billing method either via Paypal (separate sign-up required) or via bank deposit. After choosing your payment option, don't forget to check the terms and conditions option (and please do read it, before proceeding with the billout):



13. And done! You will be provided with details on how you will pay (via Paypal or bank deposit). We will take it from there.